Clouded: Over + Under is a stereoscopic and stereophonic audio/visual installation by Brian McClave (video artist), Claudia Molitor (composer/sound artist) and Gavin Peacock (artist).

The installation is comprised of two component parts:

Clouded: Under opens a dialogue between the experiences of listening and hearing. Sounds are heard which, through their placement alongside the visual of a natural phenomena create the illusion of cityscapes and landscapes.

Clouded: Over opens a dialogue between the experiences of seeing and perceiving. Clouds are seen which, by stereoscopic filming aquire illusionary three-dimensionality.

The experience of this audio visual installation constructs ambiguity in the correlation between seeing and hearing, liberating their traditional synchronicities and allowing the perceiver to create an entirely illusionary space in their mind.

The listener/observer is asked to comment on the experience by writing on the box that houses the installation, thus adding to the installation itself.

This project was commissioned for 'Hear Here' by the Royal Philharmonic Society and Classic FM.