Below are examples of some of our past projects in 3D and 2D:

Stationary. A day in the life of Cambridge train station – a stereoscopic time-lapse film as part of a festival strand related to the historical links between film and the railway, in collaboration with Gavin Peacock.

Featuring soundtrack composed by Edric Brown, entirely from field recordings made around Cambridge train station.

Commissioned by the 30th Cambridge Film Festival 2010 and supported by Arts Council England and Site-Eye.

BN3 is a series of hi-def, stereoscopic, day-long, time-lapse films made at various locations in and around Brighton, with soundtracks by musicians from the city.

The films were screened as part of SoundWaves Festival, The White Night Festival and Brighton Photo Fringe.

Made in collaboration with Gavin Peacock and Site-Eye.

Dimensions of Jersey is 16:9 hi-def, stereoscopic, time-lapse film shot by Brian McClave, Darren Umney and Gavin Peacock, in conjunction with Site-Eye Time-lapse Films, showing a portrait of the island of Jersey for the Branchage festival.

The film was edited into three sections, each one with a soundtrack composed by musicians from the island - Duncan Miller, James Bell and Falenizza Horsepower.

It's not quite how I remember it is a 3D collaboration with Claudia Molitor (composer) and Gavin Peacock (artist) made for the London Sinfonietta. The piece - live improvisation, pre-recorded sound and stereoscopic video - was performed during the Re-Wired concert as part of the Sonic Explorations weekend. It was recorded for broadcast on Hear and Now on BBC Radio 3.
Stereo East is a 3D audio/visual installation by Brian McClave (video artist) and Gavin Peacock (artist). The stereoscopic time-lapse installation was screened in a specially built 3D projection booth in Spitalfields Market, London, during the East End Film Festival. Working with Site-Eye, the time-lapse filming company, we devised a solution for 3D time-lapse production and filmed five sites across the East End of London.

The films are 3D, dawn to dusk, time-lapse films compressed into five minute projections. Music was commissioned for the works by contemporary musicians with a background in film scores.

Take Wing was commissioned for the 'Shot by the Sea' festival in Hastings. It is a collaborative, two screen, stereoscopic video that taps into romantic notions of flight and the desire to engineer solutions.

For more info click here.

Clouded: Over + Under is a stereoscopic and stereophonic audio/visual installation by Brian McClave (video artist), Claudia Molitor (composer/sound artist) and Gavin Peacock (artist).

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Sun 3D is the result of a collaboration with space scientists at the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory. Working with images coming directly from the NASA STEREO mission, Sun 3D explores the surface of the Sun in 3D for the first time.

This work is shown alongside the Aurora project 3D video (see below). The dynamic mass ejections from the Sun's surface being the energy bursts that ultimately cause the Aurora, when coming into contact with the Earth's magnetic field and atmosphere.

Views From Here was a series of six video works commissioned as part of 'Place Space and Identity' in Soke on Trent. This work was a collaboration with artistsGavin Peacock and Tom Wichelow. Some of the films are stereoscopic and some are not.

The films were screened across the city in non-art spaces.

Colony is a stereoscopic video made as a site-specific piece for the Cuchifritos Gallery in New York. The 3D film uses extreme close-up footage of ant colonies to draw parallels between the mysterious nature of the collective thought of insects and his perceptions of a place to which he has never been. The 3D video focuses on community, change, and on not knowing.

The work was part of a group exhibition called Place Marker curated by Stephan Apicella-Hitchcock.

Compton Skyline Project is a large-scale, six screen, 2D time-lapse film. The project was a collaboration with artists Gavin Peacock and David Smith. The film expands upon Gavin's earlier Flatpack works in this public art project.

For more information visit the Compton Skyline Project website by clicking here.

Or visit Gavin Peacock's website for more info on his other Flatpack works by clicking here.

Nest is a multi-layered stereoscopic experimental video. Using innovative filming techniques the viewer observes the fragile social and physical structure of ant colonies. The imagery portrays the delicate political dynamics and consequent survival techniques within these communities.

Not just a natural history documentary, the work recognises both a wider perspective on the government of human societies and the fluctuating intimacies of personal relationships.

Aurora**2 is the first successful stereoscopic video of the Aurora Borealis, or Northern Lights. The 3D film, made for gallery projection, clearly shows the structure and movement of this illusive and spectacular phenomena. The project was a collaboration between Brian McClave and physicist George Millward.

The Aurora is not viewable in 3D with human eyes, as they are only six centimetres apart and the Aurora hovers at around 100 miles up. To overcome this we filmed with two cameras, twenty miles apart on two frozen lakes in the arctic circle. Info.

Fossil is a twenty minute, experimental, stereoscopic video following the evolution of thought within our prehistoric ancestors. It takes the form of an exploded lecture about the development of the mind. As the story unfolds various themes are expanded upon using multiple layers of video. Each strata of video information occupies a separate space within the 3D stereoscopic domain, analogous to the complex layering of archeological evidence. Music by George Millward.

Fossil was selected for the 2001 Sundance Film Festival.

Falling Between Positions is a stereoscopic time-lapse video. The work is a collaboration with New York artist Stephan Apicella-Hitchcock. The mezmerising, seven second, continually looped, video recreates the simple act of walking through a rigorous time-lapse re-enactment of the process.

Aunt Ginger's Farm is an experimental stereoscopic 'close-up' video. The piece is a collaboration with photographic artist A.L.Carr. A woman’s voice tells the story of a horse riding accident that happened to her seven year old daughter on Aunt Ginger’s farm. The simple narrative is accompanied by constantly changing scenes which form a sub narrative filmed using a custom made magnifying stereoscopic camera. These images delve into the intimate, and even sinister, world that surrounds the story, made up of insects, toys, vegetation, and skin.

The Garden is a stereoscopic, multi-layered, two screen video, commissioned by Theatre Cryptic as a response to the author Elisabeth Smart’s writing about her garden. The content is made up from many sources: photographic and movie stills, digital images and stereoscopic time-lapse footage. They are collaged together to form a metaphoric journey through the garden, a physical and imaginative journey interspersed with tantalising detail and focus on particular plants and their effects. Info.

Escape Mechanism is an escapology stunt, first developed by Houdini, is re-enacted by performance artist Lisa Watts.

The illusion here is two-fold. We witness the figure writhe and struggle to escape in this 19th century stunt as we experience the perceptual trick of strereoscopic digital video suspending the escapologist from the gallery ceiling. Escape Mechanism juxtaposes extreme physical labour, not to say exhaustion and pain, with imagery of a deeply sensual, erotic and intimate nature, arranged like a moving Rorschach drawing behind the performance. Info.

Skylab is a collage of the material generated on earth relating to the Skylab mission, America's first experimental space station which terminated its career in space by crash landing in Australia in 1979.

This stereoscopic, digital montage, in collaboration with Australian artist David Carson with music by George Milward, combines a huge amount of objective information while producing a poetic and prophetic insight into the project. Info.

Meteor is a stereoscopic projection piece, with audio by George Millward, depicts a lone planet floating in the void of space suffering constant bombardment by meteors. It is a continuously running loop representing the extremely violenty beginnings of a still molten world.

Eclips is an experimental (2D) music video made for the ITV ‘Mix Masters’ television series.  The piece uses randomly accessed archive footage to build up multiple layers of video memories. The title refers both to the ‘clips’ used to produce the film and to the fact that a great deal of the footage was generated on a trip to see the total eclipse of the sun by the moon in cornwall in 1999.

Music by George Millward.

Robot War is an experimental (2D) music video made for the ITV ‘Mix Masters’ television series. The film’s psychadelic and multi-layered visuals contain a narrative about the design and construction of an artificial life form that ultimately succeeds in a momentary perception of beauty.

Music by George Millward.

Apollo Moon Lounger is an experimental  (2D) music video made for the Sci Fi Channel's Spaced Out series. We made  six short films for the series using NASA footage as raw material.

Music by George Millward.

Geoderma was our first major 3D video. It is a collaboration between Brian McClave, Australian artist David Carson and musician George Millward. The film explores the relationship between the Australian landscape, technology and the body.

The film was made for projection at Perth Institute of Contemporary Art (PICA) in Western Australia as part of a larger installation by the three artists.

(R)evolve is an experimental (2D) music video. The film was made for the 4Later slot on Channel Four. It is an unusual and hypnotic depiction of the evolution of life on Earth from simple cell organisms through to homo sapiens.

Music by George Millward.